Claims for disability discrimination at Employment Tribunals rose by 37% between 2017-18, and the potential compensation awards are uncapped, in addition to breaches of Health & Safety law carrying prison terms.  The Equality & Human Rights Commission estimated the potential cost of supporting an employee experiencing mental ill health at £6,100, against a compensation award of over £145,000 (employee earning £15,000).

Over thirty-five articles of legislation apply to employee mental health and wellbeing in the workplace; including the Health & Safety at Work Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, as well as every employee’s contract. Are you compliant with every aspect of the law? Achieving the MSME standard proves that you are working within a framework built on all the relevant legislation.

Investing £80 per employee in promoting wellbeing at work is believed to provide a net return of nearly £700 of savings per employee in reduced presenteeism and sickness absence. Screening employees for depression and offering them treatment is believed to offer an x4 return on investment alone.