What is the Standard?

The Mitigation of Stress and Management of Employee mental wellbeing (MSME) Standard is a voluntary scheme open to all employers. It offers the UK’s first audited framework for employers that incorporates all aspects of the law, applicable regulations, and best practice that must be addressed when working with stress and/or employees with a mental health issue/impairment. 

The Standard is designed to raise the level of employer knowledge and comprehension around the management of stress and mental health. It also offers a benchmarking opportunity, demonstrating legal compliance both to prospective clients and employees.

Employers will be expected to demonstrate thorough compliance with the standard via an annual audit process. The process is designed to be as straightforward and accessible as possible for any size or type of employer, offering a sliding scale of fees that starts at £250 per site. 

An independent management board has been appointed to assess the quality of trainers and consultants working with the MSME standard, adjudicate accreditation issues, and evaluate future development of the standard. The board comprises legal, compliance, medical (both a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist) and HR management experience. These independent expert professionals will ensure that the integrity of the Standard is consistently applied and maintained. The Standard will, with their input, constantly evolve to keep pace with the law and best practice, as well as incorporating input from MSME accredited employers.

DTW is currently responsible for auditing and benchmarking employers who adopt the MSME standard; however, employers are free to use any internal or external resources to achieve compliance.

Audit process

The MSME Standard (v1.0) contains five key audit areas.

The current version of the Standard offers a Bronze accreditation level; the Standard will evolve to include Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of accreditation.